About Us

Pellet Zone Ltd is a biomass trading business.

In a growing market, supply is crucial in ensuring businesses invested in plant and technology to burn Biomass avoid shortages. Equally those producing biomass need a consistent and reliable market for their product. Pellet-Zone Ltd provides that important bridge between supplier and buyer.

For Biomass buyers and users

Pellet Zone Ltd fulfils the need for a reliable source of biomass by significantly reducing the uncertainty of supply. Using extensive contacts throughout Europe and beyond Pellet Zone Ltd is able to source, aggregate and deliver supplies when needed. Overcoming local shortages to provide a smooth, reliable and uninterrupted supply is a key benefit of our service. Standards and Quality is vital and Pellet-Zone Ltd ensures the pellets you buy through us meet your exacting specifications and recognised standards.

Pellets can be purchased on contract to add additional certainty of supply into the future, but also, to fulfil short term requirements, Pellet Zone Ltd can quickly and effectively source Biomass from across Europe and beyond.

For Biomass producers and suppliers

Pellet Zone Ltd is your partner in ensuring your supplies have a reliable and ready market for your product—effectively fulfilling your sales and marketing function, as well as taking care of shipment and logistics. By expanding your market reach Pellet-Zone is able to place your Biomass in the market most advantageous to you.

Pellet Zone fees

Pellet Zone Ltd earns its income through a small percentage commission paid by the buyer and the seller on each trade.  

Our commission covers our services in identifying and progressing deals to a satisfactory conclusion.  All other associated costs such as transport are paid by the buyer or the seller according to the deal terms (FOB/CIF etc.).   As well as bringing the initial deal to fruition we also handle all of the administrative work through to delivery.    

For more details on how we trade see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Our extensive logistics resources mean Pellet Zone Ltd can arrange all transport and shipping worldwide and ensure your pellets reach you on-time and in perfect condition.