Pellet Zone Ltd (PZL) Trades in Biomass Pellets locally and Internationally.

As consumption increases PZL is perfectly placed to supply biomass pellets whenever and wherever they are needed.  Being a bulky product we are very mindful of distance from producer to end user and will always seek to locate supply a the closest possible point to end use, this approach keeps cost down and minimizes transport carbon.

However it is clear that areas rich in environmentally friendly biomass resources aren’t always close to main consumers such as power stations, and in this situation PZL is able to source significant quantity from our contacts internationally.

PZL is able to source pellets in  the quantity and of the quality required and supplies either in bulk or packed in sacks or big bags. We are happy to provide a quote based on internationally recognised Incoterms (e.g. FOB, CIF etc).

We work with our end-user clients to secure supply on both spot and contract terms—meaning PZL can respond to long term security of supply and also short term need.

  • Local and International
  • Spot or Contract
  • Internationally recognised trading terms
  • Sustainable product

To fully benefit from our pellet brokerage service producers and end-users of pellets should register with us detailing your product availability or requirement.


Pellet Zone Ltd has extensive local and international trading links as well as shipping logistics expertise.