01 Jan 2010 - New biomass trading service launched

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New biomass trading service launched

A new international trading service for users and producers of biomass pellets has been launched today.  

Called ‘Pellet Zone Ltd’ (PZL), the new service is aimed primarily at medium to large scale users of biomass pellets, as well as producers of pellets able to supply sufficient quantities.

Operating from the UK, PZL is set up to buy and sell pellets internationally, and in so doing will help smooth the supply and price fluctuations that sometimes frustrate end users and also provide a ready market for pellet producers to assist them with their sales.

All forms of biomass pellets will be traded by PZL including wood pellets and those made from energy crops such as Miscanthus and Reed Canary Grass.

A Key asset of the new business is its multilingual web site at www.pellet-zone.com where pellet buyers and producers can register completely free, and also enter details of their pellet requirements or availability on-line.   (All company and personal information remain completely confidential).

PZL are highly experienced in International trade and shipping and are able to fulfil most requests from smaller local consignments by road, through to intercontinental dry bulk shipping.

Steve Garner, who heads up the new trading service, comments...

“Pellet-Zone is the culmination of our extensive market research in which reliability of supply and consistency in pricing we’re high up on user’s wish lists.  With our global footprint and sector expertise we can meet these requirements.

Steve continues...

“For pellet producers we fulfil a vital sales function – enabling PZL to place their pellets into a much wider market whilst reducing unsold stock and associated costs”.

The increasing requirement to prove pellet supplies are sourced only from sustainable materials and areas is a key factor in successful trade - and one that PZL take very seriously.


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Contact Steve Garner:     +44 (0)1362 652 960     mobile: +44 (0)7595 470 566
Web site:                            www.pellet-zone.com

Pellet Zone Ltd is a UK registered company # 7024072.      VAT registration 979 0208 92

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Pellet Zone Ltd has extensive local and international trading links as well as shipping logistics expertise.

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