24 May 2010 - New Alerts


New Pellet Zone Email Alerts – Ensuring you never miss a biomass buying or selling opportunity.

Pellet Zone Ltd (www.pellet-zone.com) today launched a POWERFUL NEW EMAIL ALERT SERVICE for BUYERS and SELLERS of Biomass pellets, chips and briquettes.

This new service allows BUYERS and SELLERS to be automatically informed when new purchase or selling opportunities are added to the Pellet Zone web site.  

The email alert service is free to both registered buyers and sellers who can log into their management area and set email alert preferences to suit their requirements.

Members can choose to be notified of BUY and/or SELL opportunities and can select BIOMASS TYPE (Wood, Energy Crop, Crop Waste, Industrial Waste, Animal Waste) as well as preferred BIOMASS FORMAT (Chips, Briquettes, Pellets, Bales, Raw Material etc).

The new alert facilities complement the upgraded search features introduced last month that enable members to search on-line for specific biomass opportunities within the Pellet Zone database.   Combined these resources ensure a biomass buy or sell opportunity will never be missed!


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Notes to existing members of the Pellet Zone web site

By default those members who opted in to email contact during initial web site registration will receive ALL new BUY and SELL opportunities posted into the Pellet Zone web site. To fine-tune your settings, or to opt out, simply log into the members area of the Pellet Zone web site and choose ‘Edit Your Notifications’.

Notes to media representatives and organisations

Pellet Zone Ltd is an international biomass brokerage that brings buyers and sellers together.   Although Pellet Zone uses internet technology to gather and promote trading opportunities it mediates in all transactions on a personal level – providing help and guidance from initial negotiations through to contractual and shipping matters.

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Pellet Zone Ltd has extensive local and international trading links as well as shipping logistics expertise.

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