Pellet Zone Ltd (PZL) is committed to a clean and sustainable environment.

Sustainability is popular topic of debate right now as we strive to lower carbon emissions without adversely affecting the environment.    With this in mind we ensure that the biomass we trade in is proven to be from a sustainable / renewable source.

Most International standards are still in draft form but as they develop we maintain a watchful eye and strive to meet the growing demands of our customers to source biomass pellets from genuinely sustainable sources.

Pellet Zone work with the client and recognised certification bodies to ensure that sustainability of supply is proven.
Typically the biomass standards we are asked to check include some, or all, of the following...

    1. Not result in a net release of carbon from vegetation and soil
    2. Not jeopardise food supply or communities where biomass is essential for subsistence
    3. Not adversely affect protected or vulnerable biodiversity
    4. Reduce greenhouse gas (PZL gives preference to sources maximizing this benefit)
    5. Enhance, protect and/or improve soil, air and water quality
    6. Improve local prosperity and well being of employees and local population where biomass is produced.


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